About Us

Clark Family Ag is a family owned business based out of Remington Indiana. The Business is owned by Dick Clark the father and Thomas Clark the son. Although Dick and Thomas are the two main operators of the business, many other family members help a considerable amount. Whether it be Chris running the seed tender for Dick, Angela and John working ground, or Ashley running Thomas to and from the sprayer, we really do have the whole family helping on the farm.
We started out just as a farm operation. Not long after that we saw opportunities to help other local farmers get the job done on their farms. That opportunity continued to grow, so we decided we needed to grow with it. We can now offer a wide variety of services. Dick and Thomas are both involved in chemical and fertilizer sales as well as custom applications needed in your field. Need seed? We’ve got that too. Dick and Thomas are proud to represent, sell, and service Specialty Hybrids products. We can help you plan your crop from start to finish. We can also help outside the field. Dick can help you with your accounting programs for your farm. Dick sells and services Red Wing Accounting software specifically tailored to use on the farm. Consulting is also another service we provide. Whether it be helping get started on handing down your farm to the next generation or simply some agronomical we would be more than happy to help you in any way we can on your farm.
Family picture